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Not Acceptable

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Even though you may not realize it, when you use the R-word (retard, retarded, ‘tard) as slang, you really are hurting people with intellectual disabilities and those who love them. The R-word has been associated with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since its inception, so when you use the word in a negative context, you’re putting down people with intellectual disabilities, regardless if you mean to or not.

Using the R-word doesn’t just hurt people with intellectual disabilities, but it also hurt their friends and families. Having seen the hurt that the R-word can cause first hand, I know it’s important for me to take a stand and try to change the conversation. I hope you all can understand why it hurts and upsets me when the R-word is used and why I ask you to think first and chose another word to use. Thanks so much for your understanding!